Exclusively designed for smart pedelec and originating from automotive hybrid technology, the Smart Drive System adopts a modular advanced design logic. Based on their functional needs, partners can configure the most suitable drive system to meet the demand of product innovation.The system is a comprehensive adaption solution which consists of triple sensors with torque sensors at the core, motor, battery and mobile phone App, etc.The power system is connected with the cloud end and can be upgraded long distance to improve users’ riding experience or add new functions.

The Smart Drive System adopts the most advanced sensor components and an innovative design that suits ergonomic principles 3to provide users with an excellent use experience. Through triple sensors with torque sensors at the core, the system can make accurate measurement of torque, vehicle speed, pedalling frequency and other data items. Adopting “multi-sensor information integration” technology and inno
vative bionic algorithms, it can fast calculate riders’ riding intentions and current road conditions and mobilize the battery motor to make the most suitable power. TSINOVA utilizes leading technology to provide competitive smart pedelec power solutions and create value for its partners.

Originating from auto hybrid technology and centering on exclusively developed torque sensors, the VelopUP!TM Smart Drive System can read the riding intentions of the rider and automatically judge road conditions.

The automotive-level Freescale chip can compute within milliseconds user riding and pedelec state data coming from torque, pedalling frequency and speed sensors and communicate them via highspeed transmission harness to mobilize the power lithium battery and high-performance motor to make timely dense power output. Based on their needs, bike manufacturers can select different adaptation solutions and introduce mart pedelec that adopt advanced technology and innovative designs and deliver outstanding use experience.


Automotive-level vehicle control unit The Vehicle Control Unit is the control center of the Smart Drive System and calculates data collected bysensors to obtain the required power output value. It contains a Freescale ARM Cortex-M0+ 32-bit MCU kernel processor which can complete computations within 2 milliseconds and makes timely power output. The FOC sine wave motor controller of the Vehicle Control Unit can generate smoother motor power output and effectively protect the motor to achieve a longer service life.