What are the advantages of a Titanium Bicycle?

Titanium is the 4th most common metal in the world, it is hardly unobtainable, in spite of its reputation. However, taking titanium from the earth and turning it into a bicycle takes an enormous amount of energy. That is why it a titanium bicycle has features such as strong, light weight, corrosion resistant included. Titanium looks more like steel, but doesnt corrode like steel, and isn’t as harsh as aluminium. Titanium cannot be shaped as aluminum or carbon so Titanium bicycle frames tend to be a little less aerodynamic. So take one out one for a test ride, even if you are considering one, just so you can have an informed opinion.

What is Titanium?

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Titanium is not an alloy. It is a transition metal on the periodic table of elements, denoted by the symbol Ti. It is a lightweight, silver-gray material. Titanium is rarely found in its pure form, titanium typically exists in minerals such as anatase, brookite, ilmenite, leucoxene, perovskite, rutile, and sphene. While titanium is relatively abundant, it continues to be expensive because of the difficulty in isolating it in its pure form.

What are the advantages of a Titanium Bicycle?

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According to the International Titanium Association, Titanium naturally resists corrosion. An advantage of owning a Titanium bicycle is that it will not rust. This might look specially appealing to people who stay in snow areas where the roads are fully salted in winters, which results in corrosion of metal. A titanium bicycle will help you as well as serve you longer than other metals, which could rust and decay under the same conditions. Another benefit is titanium’s rust resistance is that you do not need to paint the bicycle. Apart from this, Titanium bicycles are designed as lightweight rides in that form, they tend to be flexible and better for lighter riders. It lasts for a long time. Titanium is more expensive but it has powerful corrosion resistant properties that is even better than platinum. Titanium can be guaranteed lifelong as it continues to maintain the same durability and appearance it did the day you bought it. Light weight coupled with strength makes titanium a favorite among bicyclers. Titanium actually has the “highest strength-to-weight” ratio of any metal. There are also no known health risks with Titanium. Since the metal is almost always pure, lead and other contaminants are absent in these bicycles. These traits together make titanium bicycle a smarter choice for all terrain riders.

What are the disadvantages of a Titanium Bicycle?

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According to the International Titanium Association, titanium is very strong like steel, but weighs only 50 percent as much as steel. Titanium Bicycles are ideally suited for larger riders. Cost is the main disadvantage of titanium. The process of extracting the metal is costly and energy intensive. Titanium as a bicycle material is also more labor intensive. It needs more care and more time to cut and weld Titanium cycles in a safe manner. There is virtually no way to build a budget Titanium bicycle because of these factors. In fact you mostly never see Titanium bicycles on the floor of your local department store.