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What is OEM?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part or subsystem that is used in another company’s end product. The term is used in several ways each of which is clear in context. It can refer to a part or subsystems maker, an end product producer, or an automotive part that is manufactured by the same company that produced the original part used in assembly.

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Bike OEM

bike oem

About Us

Tianjin Fuji-ta Bicycle Co.,Ltd. is the development, production and sales of bicycles,electric bikes products of large limited liability company.It is located in Tianjin,China,was founded in 1992 years, now has five production and processing base,covers an area of 1900 mu,consists of nine major subsidiaries,is China’s largest bicycle export enterprises,the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers.

Tianjin Fuji-ta Bicycle Co.,Ltd. partners all over the world,bike OEM products are exported to North America,Latin America,Europe,Australia and Asia,covering more than 50 countries and regions,internationally renowned brand OEM manufacturing bicycle,and the formation of a global strategic partnership relationship.

Why Choose Us

  • Multilateral cooperation, the advantages of cheap accessories products.
  • An OEM enterprise for internationally renowned bicycle brands,
  • Testing laboratory of international laboratory accreditation cooperation organization ILAC MRA recognized.

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customer satisfaction and loyalty

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