titanium bicycle frame manufacturer

A titanium bike has a reputation as being a “bike for life” and, whether or not that’s true, even in a world dominated by carbon fibre, titanium remains an excellent metal from which to make a frame. fuji-ta is a professional titanium bicycle frame manufacturer.


So titanium gets two second-place marks as compared to steel and aluminum in the first two properties we examined. But when we look at property No. 3, elongation, titanium is miles ahead of either material. This is the property that tells you how far something will bend before it breaks, a kind of safety factor for framebuilders.


Elongation numbers for titanium are often 20 to 30 percent. For comparison, typical steels can be 10 to 15 percent – the higher strength steels go down as low as 6 percent. Aluminum typically runs in the 6 to 12 percent range. Higher strength aluminums again creep into the low range of single digits, with warning bells ringing loudly. Things without much elongation are said to be brittle. Brittle frame failure is not a good thing.

The tensile strength of titanium is also excellent. The cold-worked-stress-relieved yield strength of the 3/2.5 alloy (that’s the alloy usually found in bicycle frames) is typically 100-130 KSI or more. This compares favorably with many steels we find in bicycles. Remember, too, this is achieved with fantastic elongation numbers, and at almost half the weight. And we haven’t even talked about fracture toughness and endurance limit yet.

titanium bike frame

titanium bike frame


The fatigue strength is another property where titanium performs beautifully (By now, you may be asking: “Is he ever going to say anything bad about titanium?”). As explained in the previous installments, there is not a definitive measurement of fatigue strength that will tell us how the material will last in a bicycle frame. Bicycles are subjected to forces of varying amounts in a random, cyclic fashion. As long as these loads are kept below a certain level, titanium and steel both have thresholds below which they will never fail. Almost none of the aluminum (including the metal matrix composites), magnesium and beryllium used in bicycle fabrication has a defined endurance limit, so you need to design around it, as was explained last time.

titanium bcicycle

titanium bcicycle



Exquisite mechanic with over 20 years experience is polishing the frame, treat each frame as his kid.

Polishing of Ti-alloy frame is totally made by hand.

Excellent welding technology- Beautiful scaly figure.

Sandblasting craftsman is manual matting for the frame,make every line and point accurate.

Painstakingly create each frame, make it be a classic.