Vehicle Assembly

Fuji-ta Group has an automatic assembly production base with top technology, owns 33 bicycle assembly lines, and uses the most advanced assembly line imported from Netherlands, automatic rim assembly equipment, automatic calibrator, automatic knitting machine, electronic torque & anchoring force tool and other internally advanced assembly equipment. The advanced processing capabilities make sure that the product implementation ability occupies a leading position in the bicycle foundry industry. Fuji-ta Group has been committed to forming a long-term business partnership with each client, helping to stabilize the growth of clients and thus promoting the development of Fuji-ta Group. Meanwhile, Fuji-ta also has a professional team to provide clients with comprehensive services. Through continuous efforts, Fuji-ta Group has developed from OEM to ODM now.

Assembly Workshop

bicycle factory
bicycle factory2
bicycle factory3
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Fine Production Line


One Person Assembly Room


High-grade at the same time in order to deal with a small amount of variety and quality products in particular, the Fuji-ta group components “One Assembly room” (One Person) to an Assembly, which requires the assembler with the Assembly process of products from beginning to end, truly one-to-one high quality precision Assembly. IBD high-end assembly line meets the requirements of the high-end products of the international market, for many international famous brand customers produce first-class products.

Large Rim Assembly Equipment

bicycle factory (2)
bicycle factory

The advanced rim assembly equipment provides guarantee for the large-scale and punctual production.

Automatic Calibrator and Automatic Knitting Machine


Automatic calibrator and automatic knitting machine are characterized by easy regulation, good performance and high efficiency. They guarantee the normal torque of wheel sets and ensure the precision, stability and perfection of each wheel.

Quality Inspection


Fuji-ta Group has a complete quality control system, making products get effective quality control throughout the manufacturing process. In the processes of warehousing, production and delivery, the Group will carry out the strict quality control and inspection over all products, pay attention to the quality control in each step, and ensure all products to meet the market requirements in different countries and regions.


Automatic Carton Sealing Machine


Fuji-ta Group adopts automatic hot melt adhesive sealing machine to seal all products, which improves the packing efficiency, ensures good shape and strong adhesion of packing boxes, and guarantees that the products can be delivered in a safer and more reliable way.